Smart Home Installs

A Home That Connects You to Everything

Imagine a home that manages itself, with ovens that preheat at your voice’s command and refrigerators that do the grocery shopping for you. A home where you can control the ambiance and every appliance with just a tap on your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. A home that keeps you safe and secure, with motion detection, door and window sensors, water leak detection, and smart smoke and CO detectors.

This is the future of modern living, and Green Building Group is here to bring it to you. We are dedicated to helping our clients create homes that are not only beautiful and functional, but also connected and intelligent. Our smart home installation services offer the latest in home automation technology to make your life more convenient, safe, and fun.

With our smart home installation services, you can:
  • Manage your home remotely: Using your smartphone or voice commands, you can control your lighting, appliances, and home from anywhere in the world. Our home control hub makes it easy to connect all of your smart devices and create a strong automation network.
  • Adjust your ambiance: With dimmable lighting and adjustable brightness levels, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Our smart switches and outlets make it easy to control your wired-in appliances and lighting without getting up off the couch or leaving the office.
  • Stay safe and secure: With motion detection, door and window sensors, water leak detection, and smart smoke and CO detectors, you can protect your home from potential hazards and keep an eye on things while you’re away.
We are experts in home automation, partnering with the best state-of-the-art technology suppliers to bring you the most advanced smart home installations. Our team will work with you to create a connected, intelligent home that enhances your life and simplifies your daily routine. What we offer: Home Control Hub – Google or Amazon Hub setup takes a couple of minutes and a few moments per light switch, sensor, etc. – all you need to do is connect it to power and your home’s internet router. Simply put, your smartphone communicates to your Hub from anywhere, and your Hub communicates with other devices throughout your home. Lighting Control: Adjustable Ambiance – Using your Smartphone you can turn appliances on and off or dim and brighten lights from anywhere in your home or across the globe. Set custom brightness levels for dimmable bulbs and how fast you want them to brighten or dim as you turn them on and off. Don’t Get Up – There is no doubt you have some sort of wired in lighting, lamps or plug-in appliances throughout your home. Our Plug-in On/Off Modules and Wire-in On/Off Switches and Outlets let you add remote control of all of these devices so you don’t have to get up off the couch or leave the office to turn them on or off. Motion Detection: Always Looking Out – Wireless indoor motion monitoring. Motion Sensor is perfect for areas in your home where lights are commonly left on like the laundry room, closets, and the garage. When used with the Home Automation Hub, your is safe and secure, at home or away, day or night. Wireless Door and Window Detection: Peace of Mind – With an Open/Close sensor or Hidden Door Sensor, you’ll be alerted when the back door sneaks ajar or the side window slides open. Useful for anything else that opens – doors, windows, safes, liquor cabinets, drawers and more. Water Leak Detection Sensors: No Flood Damage – Protect your home from evil water pipes. Simply place the water leak sensor near a potential water leak and avoid one of the most common home insurance claims that results in homeowners suffering millions of dollars in losses every year. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Breathe Easy – Plug-in peace of mind. The Smoke Bridge monitors First Alert® ONELINK® smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. When used with the one of our certified Home Hub, you’ll receive instant alerts if Carbon Monoxide or smoke is detected. Ideal for monitoring bedrooms, playrooms, garages, offices, basements, and attics Don’t just dream of a smarter home – make it a reality with the Green Building Group. Contact us today to learn more. Read Less