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LEED for Homes Design and Construction

A home is more than just shelter: homes are the most important buildings in our lives. We think that every building should be a green building – but especially homes. Why? LEED homes are built to be healthy, providing clean indoor air and incorporating safe building materials to ensure a comfortable home. Using less energy and water means lower utility bills each month. And in many markets, certified green homes are now selling quicker and for more money than comparable non-green homes.
Sustainability, in simple terms, refers to the ability of a system to keep doing what it’s doing over time. A system that is unsustainable collapses. Time and time again, scientific research has shown a sizable negative impact that our existing commercial and residential buildings are having on our planet’s climate change, deteriorating natural resources, increasing waste, creating an unhealthy environment, and decreasing worker productivity. Sustainability interaction between action that must be good for profit, planet, and people—is represented in the following diagram:

The Impact of Buildings on the Environment

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Green Building Council, construction and operation of all buildings in the United States result in the following consumption of resources:

  • 72 percent of electricity resources
  • 39 percent of total energy used
  • 3 billion tons of raw materials annually (40 percent of raw stone, gravel, sand, and steel; 25 percent of virgin wood)
  • 17 percent of freshwater flows

As well, construction and operation of all buildings in the United States result in the following generation of waste materials:

  • 25-40 percent of municipal solid waste
  • 50 percent of CFCs
  • 30 percent of CO2 production

Sustainable Design

Green Building Group strives to design, construct and warrant our projects to save energy, water , and other resources and reduce waste and emissions as well as to maintain a safe, healthy,  and sustainable environment. We promote green building principles in all of our projects, whether new construction, renovations,  or existing buildings.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Thorough site analysis prior to selection and development
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Water conservation
  • Responsible stormwater management and landscaping
  • Material reduction, recycling, composting and environmentally preferable building materials
  • Improved indoor environmental quality

Energy Efficiency

Green Living

Green construction from the ground up! 

Green Building Group is proud to offer homeowners options when it comes to green construction and energy efficient homes from the ground up. Green Building Group offers Energy-Star certified home construction option from the ground-up.


Peace of Mind. The result of a home that’s built better.

With the ENERGY STAR label on your new home, you can be confident that it will deliver. When ENERGY STAR requirements are applied to new home construction, an integrated approach to design combined with tried-and-true best building practices adds up to a durable, comfortable home with reduced utility and maintenance costs. With an ENERGY-STAR certified home, you can rest assured it has undergone more inspections and testing than typical homes to ensure that your new home was built to higher standards by our company.


Enduring Quality. Better systems make all the difference.

Purchasing a new home is a big investment, so it’s important to be sure that it’s built to last. Green Building Group will work with you to develop the best-of-the-breed Eco-Friendly home design ideas that are energy efficient and sustainable while creating healthy, lively, and luxurious living. As a green custom homebuilder, we believe that this is important.


Our Green Construction offerings include:
  • A complete Thermal Enclosure System that includes comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high-performance windows, to deliver improved comfort and lower utility bills.
  • A high-efficiency Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling System that is designed and installed for optimal performance.
  • A comprehensive Water Management System to protect roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.
  • Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliances to help keep utility bills low, while providing high-quality performance and longevity.
  • Green board walls and green roofing – behind the drywall
  • Geo-thermal HVAC system – drill deep wells in the ground to use earth’s natural heat for cooling and heating your new home
  • Solar Panels – solar energy is pure and clean energy heating to heat house, hot water heater, and more
  • Wall-to-Wall Comfort. A better way to live.

Go ahead, give us a call and let’s get started.